Reconstruction of roads

by means of DSK (Micro surfacing)

The task

Roads with destroyed surface, full of potholes.

What we do

A procedure for fast and effective reconstruction is using the DSK (Micro surfacing) method. It doesn’t matter what kind of road, if it is a minor road or a main street, in the town centre or in the country, the method can be implemented everywhere.

Embrittled and deeply rutted tarmac surfaces and can be eliminated as well as potholes and chippings; extensive reconstruction measures can be postponed by years with a clear conscience. Furthermore, the improvement of the anti-skidding properties of the tarmac decidedly increases traffic safety.

Your advantage

The special advantage of this construction method is that DSK (microsurfacing) can be used without severely impairing traffic, in the form of a mobile work zone. The surface can be redeveloped speedily and uninterruptedly and the road is again available to traffic very quickly.

Especially when financial means are tight, DSK is a very sensible alternative to extensive reconstruction of the road network.