Environmental Engineering

Complete solutions for complex problems.

Our task

Abandoned polluted areas and acute ecological damage destroy ecological and economical resources. Natural habitats, valuable locations and infrastructures would be lost or lying idle. Only by means of a specialised redevelopment, industrial and commercial sites can be reclaimed.

Our competencies

For more than 10 years we have been engaged in the field of redevelopment and environmental engineering and therefore belong to the top companies in this field.

By working with numerous redevelopment techniques, we have gained sufficient experience in the handling of the most diverse damaged sites and we have at our disposal several procedures for the redevelopment of contaminated soil, which are covered by a patent.

A reliable and anticipatory corporate policy has earned us a wide acceptance within the industry and public authorities. This is also mirrored by the certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9002 and our approval as a specialized company for waste disposal.

Our services

We remediate environmental damage by implementing field-proven technologies on the basis of ecological and economical concepts.

We offer solutions for all problematic areas caused by redevelopment requirements. Our complete redevelopment support for the customer comprises the development of the remediation concept after damage evaluation, earthworks and underground engineering operations and a specific pollutant treatment until the area is fully redeveloped.

Occupational safety

All works are carried out in compliance with the necessary requirements of occupational safety and environmental protection. The remediation of contaminated soil and waters is effected by the regulations of BGR 128, “regulation for safety and health protection for work in contaminated areas”

of the respective government safety organisation.

Therefore, industrial workers always are examined from an occupational medicine perspective by the responsible government safety organisation and fitted out with the necessary personal protective equipment.

Our staff have practical knowledge in treating contaminated soil and handling toxic substances. Work in contaminated areas is carried out with safety-ventilated equipment and with remediation plants. If necessary, the excavation area can be sheltered and provided with exhaust air purification devices.