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The aim of the procedure “immobilisation by solidification” is, after a special treatment of the basic polluted material, the physical-chemical bonding of the pollutants into an inorganic matrix. A discharge concept from materials science, this technique uses the multi-barrier system, which is an immobilising procedure for contaminated material, the mobility-inhibiting effect of which can be attributed to the presence of various barriers.

For the immobilisation, the available material is screened and, in a preparatory step, interfering material such as metal, wood and waste is removed. The separated larger grain (> 40 mm) is then crushed if necessary and afterwards added to the contaminated soil. The core item of the plant is a double-axle compulsory mixer with a throughput performance of up to 500 tons a day. All conveyor units for soil, binding agent, water and liquid additives are equipped with a weighing mechanism and are run fully automated via the control stand. Up to 50 different mixtures can be kept on file and all procedures and material flows are recorded and printed.

Depending on its consistency the immobilised material can be transported to the placement site by lorry or by transit-truck mixer. The placement of the earth-moist material normally is carried out by means of vibrating rollers .