The company

Starting from a former gardening and landscaping enterprise, the company has in 35 years developed into a modern group of companies with expertise across a number of main fields.



With a wide range of business activities, adherence schedules and a high level of quality, Plambeck ContraCon Bau und Umwelttechnik GmbH has successfully positioned itself on the market for private customers as well as public contracting entities. An inherent part of our corporate philosophy is the development and implementation of ideas for the future that are sustainable in the long term. To achieve this aim, we use the expertise within the various companies.

Business activities

 The range of activities of the former gardening and landscaping enterprise has been complemented by earthworks and civil engineering as well as industrial demolition and reconstruction and finally, remediation of contaminated areas using the latest environmental technologies. Further important areas of activity are wind park construction as a complete, multi-craft service, the construction of landfills and Project-development.
The company’s strength is its dedicated ambition to offer individual solutions. Therefore, civil engineering and environmental engineering complement one another and closely work together.